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Who we are

We’re a lean, agile team of 500 music-loving creative folks making the world’s most personal music streaming service. We bring music, podcasts and more to millions of people in 180 countries around the world. And we can bring your story with us.
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Our audience is listening to you

Deezer’s audience is captive, engaged and curious. Deezer Brand Solutions offers brands ways to engage audiences with impactful and innovative messaging using media or branded content.
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What can we do for you ?

Media solutions

Led by our flagship audio ads, we’ll help you reach your audience with a range of high impact media formats which can be traded via direct deals or programmatic buying.

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Tailored solutions

Connect deeply with your target audience by creating or sponsoring compelling content. Put your stamp on playlists or profiles, create branded audio content or offer ad-free sessions that give unlimited music. Take us into the real world too, with bespoke experiences and live events.

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Quality targeting

Through the use of logged-in audiences, Deezer achieves high levels of target impressions ranging from 65 % to 90 % depending on the target.

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Rewards programs

Give your loyal customers, partners and employees the gift of unlimited music with branded Deezer Premium gift cards.

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Success story: Ford + Deezer

video scaling

To celebrate the pre-launch we created a series of branded content experiences that brought live music into the new Ford Fiesta. We invited Salomé Lagresle of The Voice to present a series of crafted sessions with artists like Joe Bel, Christophe Maé, Synapson and Ben l’Oncle Soul, turning the car into a live recording studio. We then took the music experience to the fans with a "Car-aoke" roadtrip to My Deezer Festivals across France. We captured hundreds of Ford fans singing their hearts out as well as creating original content to feed multiple social channels.

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